Trizoni Exclusive Thessaloniki


On November 2021, Trizoni Exclusive in Thessaloniki finally opened its doors in the Ladadika district.

It is being developed in one of the most emblematic ground-floor buildings of the historical center of Thessaloniki, at a key point across the port entrance. The interior has a capacity of 65 people plus 10 in the raw bar section and exudes the atmosphere of a classic bistro. The outdoor space has a capacity of 90 people and extends to all sides of the building. The architecture lines, dominated by wood and stone, are fully integrated into our philosophy and reproduce the feeling of a welcoming courtyard.

Access is very easy and right across the restaurant there is a 24h parking lot.

Address Doxis 1 & Salaminos 12, Ladadika

Telephone 2310542533, 6942061647





Kitchen hours:
Monday – Saturday: 13:30 – 23:30 / Sunday: 13:00 – 21:30

Restaurant opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 13:30 – 01:00 / Sunday: 13:00 – 23:00

Indoor Area 58 seats (non-smoking)
Indoor Raw Cuts Bar 10 seats
Outdoor Area 80 seats – 40 covered (smoking)

The restaurant does not work with fixed stay zones, the customer can sit as long as he wishes.

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