Fish Cellar

For years, we’ve established a menu of the day which captures the daily take in the treasures of land and sea that are given to us by our exclusive partners. The costumer can choose from our specially designed Fish Cellar the species they want, along with the fish sales manager who knows how to create the right culinary profile for every occasion and taste.

The catch of the day menu is divided into the following cooking units:

Raw Bar which includes our innovative raw cuts in a separate area.

Raw Bar

On the coals which include the items recommended for grilling by our specialized partners.

Στα κάρβουνα

The traditional fire cooking way which the items intended for the famous Agioritiki version.

Στον ταβά

In the pan which includes the species that have the pleasure of frying in olive oil.

Στο τηγάνι

Nose to tail experience: we are pioneers in the so-called head to tail experience, we want the costumer to experiment, to try parts of fish where in specific versions will create a unique culinary experience. We have worked thoroughly on the anatomy of large fish, its textures, the filleting as well as the cooking approach. The proposed preparations are inspired both by monastic gastronomy of Agioritiki and the constant searches of οur chef.

Nose to tail experience